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Information on Pet Surgery

Posted on 06-26-2017

If our veterinarian in San Diego recommends surgery for your pet, you’ll naturally be concerned. We’d first of all like you to rest assured that our vets will only recommend pet surger...

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Keep Your Pet Safe with Regular Vaccinations

Posted on 06-21-2017

Vaccinations help prevent serious illnesses that can cause disease and death and just like people, pets need vaccinations too. Kittens and puppies in San Diego should start their immunization seri...

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Dog and Cat Heart Disease

Posted on 06-16-2017

Just like humans, cats and dogs can develop heart disease. Unlike humans, though, our four-legged friends do not develop plaque inside their blood vessels that lead to heart attacks. Instead, cats...

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Pet Acupuncture From Our San Diego Vet

Posted on 04-26-2017

At Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, our San Diego vet and team, led by Dr. Crosby Roper, is committed to helping your pet lead a happier and healthier life. Whether your pet is in need of a routine...

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What Is Laparoscopy? San Diego Vet Answers Your Questions

Posted on 03-07-2017

Laparoscopy is a state-of-the-art surgical procedure in which our veterinarian inserts a fiber optic instrument through a tiny incision. A camera mounted at the tip of the fiber provides a cle...

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