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Case Studies


"Barney" is a 9-month-old male Labrador Retriever. His owners have had Barney since he was 6-months-old and he has been in good overall health. Barney lives on a few acres in Fallbrook and has free run of the property. The lush spring grass has started to dry out and there are an abundance of foxtails on the property according to Barney's mom.

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Vital Information About OTC Medications

"Bonzo" is a 9-year-old male, neutered Labrador retriever mix weighing 42 lbs. His owner has had Bonzo since he was 6 months old and reports that he has always been in good health.

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Geriatric Care

"Betty" had been healthy until two weeks prior to presentation. Her initial symptoms included sneezing, coughing and clear ocular discharge. She was also subdued for 2-3 days, sleeping most of the time and not getting up to eat, drink or visit the litter box. Betty seemed to recover after about two days, but then became ill a few days later. The owner assumed that it was another respiratory infection, but after it had not run its course in 5 days, brought Betty in for an examination.

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Feline Diabetes

A two-week history of increased hunger, increased thirst, and increasingly larger urine puddles prompted his owner to bring him to our hospital for examination. He had not been vomiting but his stools had been a little loose. His activity level had not appeared to have changed but given his status of couch potato, activity level was difficult to assess. It was also noted that he had lost one pound of body weight since his last exam one year ago.

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6-month history of decreasing activity and reluctance to go on walks. The owner reported that while at home the dog seemed fine but refused to walk more than ½ block. The dog's appetite was normal and there was a history chronic low grade coughing.

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Internal Parasites

10-week-old Female Boston Terrier Puppy. The owner acquired the puppy from a breeder 5 days prior to presentation at our clinic. The owner reported that the dog had chronic loose stools and did not seem very energetic. There was no history of vomting, sneezing or coughing and the puppy's appetite was normal according to the owner.

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Tumor Diagnosis Using Non-Invasive Rigid Endoscopy

Recently we were able to diagnose two aggressive malignant tumors in older dogs using rigid endoscopy. The patients suffered little discomfort from the procedures, recovered uneventfully and were discharged on the same day as the procedures.

The first patient was a senior female Pointer mix with a history of recurrent bladder infections and difficulty urinating. The patient was anesthetized and a rigid endoscope was advanced through the urethra into her bladder where a solitary bladder mass was visualized and biopsied using a long flexible biopsy forceps advanced through the biopsy channel in endoscope. Lab analysis identified the mass as a malignancy and it was removed surgically by our consulting board-certified surgeon, Dr. Dan Frankel. The patient has recovered well and has a good long-term prognosis.

The second patient was a senior Labrador Retriever with a 2-week history of obstructed air flow through his right nostril. The patient was anesthetized and a rigid endoscope was passed into his right nostril were a mass was visualized and biopsied. The patient recovered uneventfully and was discharged on the same day. Both these cases illustrate the ability to access difficult-to-reach tumors using rigid endoscopic technology. This results in a more accurate diagnosis, less discomfort to the patient and reduced cost to the client by eliminating hospitalization that might otherwise be needed with more invasive biopsy options.

We also offer flexible gastrointestinal endoscopy. The applications for this include retrieval of suspected foreign bodies as well as chronic vomiting or diarrhea. Flexible endoscopy allows us to visualize the the inside of the stomach and intestines, remove foreign material and take biopsies of the lining in a non-invasive fashion.

For more information on endoscopy and its applications, contact our office at: 619-276-1616


Brutus, a seven month old neutered male German Shepard has been favoring different legs for the past week. At first it was his left hind left, and now he is favoring his right fore leg. His energy level is normal as are his appetite and stools.

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Feline Hyperthyroidism

Byron has always been a very relaxed cat, content to nap the day away. Now, he acts nervous and restless, pacing the house and meowing more frequently. His thirst, urination, and stools appear normal, but he is losing weight despite a marked increase in his appetite. There has been no couching or sneezing but he has vomited a few times.

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Lumps And Bumps

Over the course of the past 6 months Beebee's mother had noticed several small lumps developing on and under Beebee's skin. She says that Beebee seems to be in good health otherwise.

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Heartworm Infection

Oscar is a seven-year-old Terrier mix who was adopted from a shelter three years ago. He was presented for his annual exam and vaccines, and there was no history of health problems.

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Uterus Infection

For the past week Candy has been lethargic, She shows very little interest in her food yet she's been thirstier than usual. Her stomach looks bloated, she is reluctant to move around and she is panting heavily. There has been no vomiting, diarrhea or abnormal discharges. There was no known exposure to toxins or inappropriate food and her owner could not recall the last time she had been in heat.

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