Benefits and Conditions Treated With Pet Laser Therapy

At Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, our San Diego vet is committed to your pet’s health and wellness. One of the many services we offer for pets experiencing issues with pain is that of pet laser therapy, which is a safe treatment technique that can be performed by our experienced veterinarian. If your pet’s quality of life is suffering as a result of pain, we highly recommend that you speak with our vet about the possibility of trying cold laser therapy.

Benefits and Conditions Treated With Pet Laser Therapy

Specifically, cold laser therapy utilizes specially calibrated lasers to target, penetrate, and heal soft tissue. These lasers use infrared light energy to safely penetrate the tissue without the need for surgery. The light emitted by these lasers can be used to stimulate blood circulation, which can in-turn facilitate the body’s own natural healing processes. During the roughly 10-30 minute treatment session, your pet will feel nothing more than a slight warming sensation over the area being treated. Therefore, there is no pain and no anesthesia needed. And while each pet’s experience is unique, many will find relief from pain after one session.

Cold laser therapy can be used to treat pain associated with any number of medical conditions, including:

  • Chronic illnesses
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Nerve pain or injury
  • Arthritis and other joint conditions

Furthermore, cold laser therapy can sometimes be used to negate the need for pain medications following a surgical procedure or other treatment, making it a great way to protect your pet from pain and discomfort without the side effects that can come along with painkillers.

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