The Benefits of Pet Dental Care

Many pets are missing out on important pet dental care, simply because owners don’t realize dental exams are part of necessary preventative healthcare. Along with getting your pet vaccinated and spayed or neutered, be sure to get his or her teeth cleaned regularly during the annual pet wellness exam. Our San Diego vets are also experienced pet dentists who offer preventative and restorative pet dental services along with advanced pet dental surgery and extractions if needed.

Get Started Early with Pet Dental Care from Our Bay Park Vet

If your cat or dog has never had pet teeth cleaning, make an appointment right away, since most pets will develop gum disease by age 3. If your pet is over 3, regular pet dental care can reverse early gum disease and help your pet keep his or her teeth healthy for life.

Pet dental health is intimately connected to overall physical health for your pet. In fact, good dental care can help keep your pet by your side for longer. Between visits to the San Diego veterinarian for pet teeth cleaning, consider brushing your pet’s teeth daily (with special meat-flavored toothpaste) and offering treats designed to help clean the teeth.

Advantages of Pet Teeth Cleaning from Our Veterinarian in San Diego

The top benefits of pet dental exams include:

  • Prevent pet gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease).
  • Keep your pet healthy. (Neglected pet dental care and gum disease can release bacteria into the bloodstream, leading to major health problems and vital organ damage.)
  • Save time and money with preventative dental care that helps avoid systemic disease and costly treatments.
  • Save your pet from tooth pain due to decay.
  • Avoid pet tooth loss or the need for tooth extraction.
  • Prevent infection and abscessed teeth.
  • Freshen bad breath.
  • Maintain healthy appetite, ability to chew properly and good nutrition.
  • Improve pet quality of life.

Is your pet overdue for a visit to the San Diego pet dentist? Come to see our vet at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic here in San Diego. We serve nearby Mission Hills, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and surrounding areas. Call us at 619-276-1616 today.

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