Veterinary Dermatology deals with and helps to treat all types of skin diseases and infections that your pet may encounter. Skin rashes, allergies, and other pet dermatology problems are some of the most common conditions we treat here at VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic in San Diego. Remember, pet skin conditions should be professionally diagnosed and properly treated by a veterinarian. A pet store employee or groomer is not qualified to advise you and, by delaying a visit to your San Diego vet, you could put your pet’s health at risk. If your pet has recurrent skin problems, or skin has not cleared up from the use of medicated shampoo or lotions, be sure to see your vet to avoid your pet’s continued discomfort–or a worsening health condition.

The Importance of Pet Skin Care in San Diego

Your pet’s skin is a large body organ that supports many crucial bodily functions including:

  • Provides sensation, like touch, temperature change, etc.
  • Protects the body’s organs from harmful effects of bacteria, injury, and solar radiation.
  • Prevents the loss of essential body fluids.
  • Absorbs oxygen, nitrogen and other beneficial substances.
  • And more.

Most skin diseases can be categorized as bacterial, fungal or allergic. Skin problems may seem minor because they appear to be happening on the surface of the body. In reality, however, skin ailments can be external signs of serious systemic disease, like hormonal imbalances or an immune system disorder.

Of course, in a sunny climate like San Diego, our other major concern is skin cancer, which can spread (metastasize) if not promptly treated. Beyond your pet’s potential discomfort or underlying illness, skin diseases, like parasites, ringworm, and MRSA (antibiotic resistant bacterial infection), can spread to you or your family.

When Should I See the Vet for Pet Dermatology?

Many of these symptoms overlap, but any or all indicate a need to see your pet dermatology expert (our veterinarian in San Diego):

  • Dry skin and/or dull-looking coat can be due to a lack of omega-3 in the diet, and many other issues
  • Itchy skin (pruritus) can be due to allergies and many other causes. Itchy skin can lead to skin infection.
  • Environmental allergies can cause skin symptoms if irritating substances touch the skin or are inhaled.
  • Food allergies are less common, however, we can test for them.
  • Bald spots may be due to parasites, adrenal disease or thyroid problems.
  • Skin sores or hot spots (red, moist sores) are sometimes due to fleas, mites or bacterial skin infection.

How our Veterinary Dermatologist Can Help Your Pet in San Diego

Our pet dermatology diagnostic and treatment options include:

  • Skin scraping for parasite identification.
  • Skin cytology to look for infection or immune problems.
  • Laser surgery to remove surface skin masses.
  • Cryotherapy to freeze/destroy growths.
  • Skin biopsy to check for or rule out malignancy/cancer
  • Intradermal allergy testing for mold or pollen allergy.
  • And more.

Get Expert Pet Dermatology Treatment at Our San Diego Veterinary Clinic

If your pet has itchy skin or red skin, schedule an exam at VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic. Our veterinarians can help get to the root of your pet’s skin problem and provide effective treatment for quick recovery. Contact us today at 619-276-1616.