Dog Vaccinations from Our Animal Hospital in San Diego

Recommended Vaccinations for Dogs

Do you know which vaccinations your dog is due for? If not, no problem; simply bring in a copy of your dog’s most recent veterinary records and we’ll be able to provide you with an up-to-date vaccination schedule. We will also recommend that your dog has a comprehensive wellness exam as part of your first appointment with us, which will help us get a better idea of your dog’s overall health.

There are a number of dog vaccinations we can administer as part of our services, including:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper-parvo
  • Canine distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Kennel cough

Specific recommendations may vary based on your pet’s age, though most dogs should begin receiving vaccinations as early as six weeks of age. If you have recently adopted a puppy or plan on doing so in the near future, please make sure to schedule a wellness exam as soon as possible so we can make sure your pup receives all vaccinations he or she may need. Remember, many boarding facilities, groomers, and even dog parks will require proof of up-to-date vaccinations for the health and safety of others. And of course, you want to do everything in your power to protect your pet from illnesses and diseases.

Schedule Your Pet’s Vaccination Appointment with Our San Diego Vet

If your dog is due for vaccinations or if you’re not sure, we encourage you to contact our San Diego vet today. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment. You can reach our team at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic by contacting us at (619) 276-1616!

Is your dog up-to-date on all vaccinations?

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