February is Pet Dental Month

During pet dental month, veterinarians urge pet owners to schedule regular dental exam for their pets and provide them with information about the importance of a pet’s oral health. Dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets suffer from the same dental problems humans do–tooth decay, cavities, gum infection and periodontitis. While feeding your pet high-quality pet food and refraining from giving your pet too many people treats helps reduce teeth and gum disorders, having your pet’s teeth examined and cleaned annually by your veterinarian prevents painful dental issues from developing or worsening. When it hurts to chew food, pets may avoid eating or not chew their food properly. In addition, bacteria causing oral infections could enter a pet’s bloodstream and sicken your pet.

Periodontal Disease in Pets

Signs of periodontal disease in pets include bleeding, swollen gums, yellow stains (plaque) on teeth roots at the gum line, drooling and tooth decay. Chronic halitosis may also be a symptom of periodontitis. In severe cases of periodontitis, pet owners will be able to smell their pet’s breath even when the animal’s mouth is closed. Pets struggling to chew food often have painful cavities, loose teeth or abscesses that prevent them from chewing normally. Your veterinarian can reverse periodontitis by thoroughly cleaning and polishing your pet’s teeth and administering antibiotics meant to eliminate periodontal oral bacteria.

Dental X-rays for Pets

During pet dental month this February, your Baypark Pet Clinic veterinarian wants pet owners to learn more about the benefits of digital dental x-rays for pets. Digital imaging scans of your pet’s mouth detects early-stage cavities, tumors and other dental problems impacting your pet’s oral health. Safe and painless, digital dental x-rays provide veterinarians with valuable information that can prevent your pet from suffering unnecessary and extensive dental procedures.

Contact Our Veterinarian Clinic Today

In honor of pet dental month, please call our clinic today at 619-276-1616 to schedule an appointment to have your pet’s teeth and gums examined by our veterinarian.

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