Information on Pet Surgery

If our veterinarian in San Diego recommends surgery for your pet, you’ll naturally be concerned. We’d first of all like you to rest assured that our vets will only recommend pet surgery when it will clearly benefit your pet. We will explain any risks that accompany your pet’s surgical procedure and discuss the reason for our vet’s expert opinion that surgery is advisable.

Our Dedicated Veterinarians Recommend Pet Surgery Only when Necessary

If there are viable options to avoid surgery and preserve or improve your pet’s health, our San Diego vets will always favor non-surgical options. If you are still feeling anxious about your pet’s wellbeing during surgery, keep in mind that these days, surgery for pets is not as risky as it was in the past.

Veterinary surgical technology, instrumentation, and diagnostics have improved greatly in recent years. We have on-site blood testing, sophisticated imaging and more to support the proper diagnosis. Monitoring equipment and procedures are sophisticated and careful, to ensure your pet’s well-being before and during any surgical procedure. Our vets and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to doing their best for every one of our pet patients, every day. That’s why thousands of San Diego pet guardians count on us to provide safe, effective health care for local pets.

Conditions Where Pet Surgery May Be Needed

These are some of the most common ailments where pet surgery may be necessary at veterinary hospitals today. Some are minor and routine, while others are more complex:

  • Spay and neuter surgery
  • Tooth extraction (abscessed tooth)
  • Skin abscess
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Bladder stone
  • Torn ACL repair (stifle or knee ligament)
  • Foreign object removal (from stomach or intestinal tract)
  • Spinal disc disease
  • Ruptured bile duct repair
  • Bloat (canine stomach torsion)
  • Broken leg (repair with plates)
  • Ear canal surgery
  • Cancer
  • Abdominal wall cancer
  • Skin mass/ skin cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Oral cancer
  • Nasal cavity cancer
  • And more

Consult the Skilled Veterinary Surgeons at Our San Diego Pet Clinic

If you think your pet may need surgery, or you have concerns about his or her health, contact Bay Park Veterinary Clinic in San Diego for an exam. We’ll always clearly explain our recommended treatment and the reason it is needed. Our veterinarians are ready to help. Contact us at 619-276-1616 today.

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