Keep Your Pet Safe with Regular Vaccinations

Vaccinations help prevent serious illnesses that can cause disease and death and just like people, pets need vaccinations too. Kittens and puppies in San Diego should start their immunization series at 6-8 weeks of age, but if you have an older pet with an unknown vaccination history, they should be immunized, too. After these initial vaccines, boosters are required at yearly or three-year intervals for most shots.

How Vaccinations Work

Vaccinations use small amounts of either modified live or killed viruses to induce immunity. When the vaccine is injected, the body’s immune system responds like it was a true disease, and produces antibodies to fight it. Even though vaccinations do not cause the illness, the pet now has antibodies circulating in their system that can fight the disease if they are ever exposed in the future.

Not every pet will become immune to the diseases they are vaccinated for. If their immune systems are already suppressed or too busy fighting something else, proper immunity may not develop. The same is true of some pets whose immune systems just don’t respond to the vaccination, for whatever reason. Because of this, vaccinations rely a lot on herd immunity—the idea that if enough pets in the area are immune, the disease itself will become much less common. This means that vaccinations are not only helping your pet—they are also helping other pets in the San Diego area.

How Can Our San Diego Vet Help You with Dog and Cat Vaccines?

Dogs and cats get different vaccinations for the most part, but both species need a rabies shot. Beyond that, there are core vaccines that are recommended for every dog or cat, and non-core vaccines that are recommended for specific pets in specific circumstances. We at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic would be happy to discuss the needs of your pet and come up with a suitable vaccination plan. You can call us at 619-276-1616 or contact us through our website. New client exams are only $25!

Why is your pet up to date (or not up to date) on their vaccinations?

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