What Is Laparoscopy? San Diego Vet Answers Your Questions

Laparoscopy is a state-of-the-art surgical procedure in which our veterinarian inserts a fiber optic instrument through a tiny incision. A camera mounted at the tip of the fiber provides a clear view of the organ or tissue in question. Our veterinarian may make a second incision and insert another fiber with tools to take tissue samples or perform procedures.

Veterinarians use laparoscopy to:

  • Diagnose a condition
  • Explore the abdomen in a safe, less invasive manner
  • Perform deep ear cleaning and care with the use of video otoscopy
  • Spay female pets
  • Examine the nose or take biopsies of tissues in the nose in a procedure known as rhinoscopy,
  • Treat gastric torsion, also known as twisted stomach, occuring in larger animals

Laparoscopy in San Diego

The laparoscopy our veterinarian performs on animals is very similar to the laparoscopic procedures surgeons perform on people. Computers help guide the insertion and movements of the laparoscope, which helps improve the accuracy of the procedure. Laparoscopy allows our veterinarian to view and treat organs inside your pet’s abdomen without making a major incision.

Because laparoscopy uses very small “key hole” incisions rather than the large incisions required for traditional surgery, there is a lesser risk of infection associated with laparoscopy. Laparoscopic procedures tend to cause less pain and are generally regarded as safer. Recovery times tend to be shorter too, which helps your pet get back into the action faster.

San Diego Vet Performs Laparoscopy

Before performing laparoscopy on a pet, our San Diego vet performs a thorough evaluation to make sure laparoscopy is right for that animal. Evaluation includes an examination, review of your pet’s health history, and an assessment of your pet’s condition.

If your pet needs a laparoscopy, make an appointment with our San Diego veterinarian. Bay Park Veterinarian Clinic is conveniently located at 3024 Hancock St. in San Diego, CA. Make an appointment for your pet’s laparoscopy today by calling 619-276-1616.

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