A Letter to a “Dog Person” About Why “Cat People” Love Cats

Everyone says a person is either a “cat person” or a “dog person”. Some people insist they are neither and are simply an “animal person.” So what makes a people love cats? Self-proclaimed dog people find it hard to grasp the reason a person would prefer an aloof furry friend over an overzealous loyal and loving pet, in other words why do some people prefer a feline to “man’s best friend”?

Well I don’t know if I am officially a so called “cat person” – I would consider myself more in the ambiguous “animal person” category but my husband calls me a cat lady enough to where I feel I can explain the cat lovers world to all the canine companions out there.

First let’s address the tally against our feline friends. Most cats prefer to be alone, don’t like company, hide under the bed, can have some nasty potty habits as well as use the designer armchair as their personal scratching post. We cat people or animal people put up with these shenanigans for a number of reasons; for example feeling important because your cat only prefers you and will only sit on your lap. Another reason is cats’ adorable quirks. Cats have a way about them and a personality which is akin to a subtle sense of humor or dry British wit. However other cats and most kittens seem completely normal and then will have a manic episode where they freak out and do something hilarious like a back flip.

How many cat owners have lifted up a comforter to make the bed to find having disturbed a sleeping cat burrowed deep? Or are overcome with cuteness of a kitten in a cardboard box or somehow find him hiding high up on a shelf amongst books and nick knacks? No wonder You Tube is chalk full of cleverly cute kitten videos and hilarious cat antics. Cats also usually are entertained with the most commonplace of items – a string, a rubber band, a laser pointer; however if you happen to visit the pet store and purchase a fancy toy odds are (in my experience) your cat will show absolutely no interest. It’s this type of attitude us “cat people” find amusing and endearing at the same time.

On a more serious note – there is nothing more comforting than a purring kitty on your lap when you feel sad, lonely, sick or all of these. Cats love to snuggle and their warmth and companionship provides a friend who will always listen, never judge and be there at the end of the day. No matter what type of cat we have- long or short haired, kitten or senior, Tuxedo or Tabby or maybe even Abyssinian we can depend on them to make us laugh, comfort us and continue to surprise us.

Calling on all self-proclaimed “cat people”! Do you have a cute cat story to share? Post it in the comments or share it on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to read them.

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