Pet Acupuncture From Our San Diego Vet

At Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, our San Diego vet and team, led by Dr. Crosby Roper, is committed to helping your pet lead a happier and healthier life. Whether your pet is in need of a routine exam or treatment for a serious medical condition, our experienced and compassionate staff is here to help. One of the many services we offer is that of pet acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment that delivers pain relief and improved mobility without the need for drugs or surgery.

Understanding the Benefits of Acupuncture for Your Pet

Specifically, pet acupuncture involves the strategic insertion of extremely thin needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. The procedure is painless for pets and can help with any number of medical conditions and disorders. Acupuncture sessions are short, relaxing, and can work wonders for your pet’s health and wellness. Pets suffering from chronic pain conditions and problems affecting mobility can see improvements in as little as one session.

Some of the common instances where we may recommend pet acupuncture include:

  • joint pain
  • skin problems and allergies
  • asthma and respiratory problems
  • musculoskeletal conditions (arthritis, nerve injury, etc.)
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • neurological disorders

Our veterinary team will always take the time to give your pet a full examination and evaluation to determine whether or not acupuncture is right for them. If so, then acupuncture can be a great way to relieve your pet’s symptoms without the need for invasive surgeries, risky medications, or other methods that may come with a risk of side effects. Our skilled veterinary team has experience and resources necessary to improve pets’ lives through the use of this technique.

Request an Appointment With Our San Diego Veterinarian

If your pet is suffering, schedule an appointment with our San Diego veterinarian today. An evaluation with Bay Park Veterinary Clinic will help us determine if acupuncture is the right treatment. Contact us at (619) 276-1616 to get started.

How could acupuncture treatment help your pet lead a healthier and happier life?

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