Why Does My Pet Need Regular Pet Exams?

The answer is preventive care. Keeping your pet healthy and well, with annual pet wellness visits to your San Diego veterinarian, is so much better than treating illness after it occurs. It’s better because preventive care holds the promise of keeping your pet by your side for years or even decades longer than s/he would be, if you ignored preventive care.

In addition, preventive pet care from your veterinarian in San Diego improves your pet’s quality of life and can keep him or her happy and energetic throughout their life. It’s also much cheaper to prevent illness than treat it, With regularly-scheduled pet wellness care, you’ll save your pet (and yourself) lots of suffering by having your San Diego vet spot potential health problems early, when they are easiest to successfully treat.

What Happens in a Yearly Pet Preventive Exam in San Diego?

First, let your San Diego vet know about any concerns you may have about your pet. Have you noticed behavioral changes, eating variations or potential illness symptoms? This helps your veterinarian in San Diego to direct your pet’s exam and make sure all possibly related health details are checked. After getting your observations and your pet’s medical history, our vet will, as necessary:

  • Examine your pet’s eyes, nose and ears.
  • Do a dental checkup of the mouth and teeth.
  • Record vital signs such as temperature, pulse and weight.
  • Conduct a hands-on exam of the body from nose to tail, including the coat, skin, abdomen and major organs, while checking for lumps or masses on your pet’s body.
  • Your vet in San Diego will also check for external parasites.
  • Order lab tests (blood, stool and/or digital imaging/x-ray) depending upon the health risks your pet faces at his/her age and medical history. Tests include internal parasites and heartworm tests.
  • Evaluate pet posture and gait.
  • Administer vaccinations. These should begin when your pet is 6 to 8 weeks old to prevent common veterinary diseases. Boosters may be needed throughout life.
  • Schedule spaying or neutering surgery. Ideally, this surgery should be done before your pet goes into heat for the first time, but the surgery can be done safely later on if needed. The procedure also helps keep pets from looking for a mate, getting lost or injured. It also calms your pet and prevents pet overpopulation.
  • Answer your questions about pet diet, exercise and more.

If your pet is due for an annual veterinary health checkup, contact us at Bay Park Veterinary Clinic in San Diego. We serve Mission Hills, Bay Park, downtown, Point Loma and Ocean Beach. Call us at 619-276-1616 today.

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