Pets Are Part of the Family

Anyone else notice or do this now more than ever? People bring their pets everywhere. Pets are part of the family. The other day as I was walking my dog, pushing my stroller and holding the hand of my 3 year old I noticed a woman who also had a stroller containing different contents than a human baby. She placed her fluffy little pooch safely snug in the stroller along with a bow perched next to the pup’s adorable pointy ears. Then I noticed dogs on leashes or more dogs in strollers in several different retail shops. Another day we spotted a beautiful long haired feline on a hot pink rhinestone studded leash. Most times when perusing our local home improvement store we see several pets checking out plumbing and electrical options along with their owners. Dogs and cats alike are no longer confined to the kennel, dog run, dog beach or a dog park. They go everywhere and are part of our lives where ever our day may take us.

For example, many people when searching out a delicious new lunch spot will check reviews to see if the patio is considered “dog friendly”. Having a “dog friendly” patio is kind of a big deal because many hungry humans have their dog out with them. Another step businesses are taking in recognition of pet owners having their companion tag along is placing a bowl of water on their store front (which I have completely taken advantage of and also gone to check out the store as a result).

However on the flip side many businesses have had to draw some clear boundaries which in the days of leaving the dog in the dog run were unnecessary to state. Next time you go to the market you may notice a little sign stating only service dogs may enter due to state or federal health code regulations. Or those dog friendly restaurants – they now make it clear their patio is dog friendly and not the inside of the restaurant. However on occasion you may see a sneaky Pomeranian poke her perfectly groomed head out of a large purse clutched by her owner examining grapefruits at the market.

How about you? Are you a pet owner who brings your animal on every occasion possible? Or do you prefer to leave your pet at home? I think there is a happy medium where we can exercise our pooches and cats in more traditional manners and also know when it’s okay to leave them to run the roost. What do you think? Also do you think this new trend is only limited to dogs and and a few cats? Maybe now dogs have paved the way we may see some other pets on “dog friendly patios”; like how about a parrot on someone’s shoulder? Or how about a boa constrictor named Lucy hanging around her owner’s arm and neck on the patio? Or a maybe a bunny sized leash? I’d have to take a picture. What do you think? Reply in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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