The Science Behind Why Pet Owners Look Like Their Dogs

Or is it the other way around? Do dogs look like their owners?

We’ve all seen it – a stylish and tailored man strolling downtown with his equally proud all black pug striding slightly ahead of him. Or the suburban middle aged woman with voluminous curls and hot pink visor walking two eager auburn Rhodesian red-backs sporting matching visors. The best is always the tough biker guy with a tank top and tattoos holding a mini poodle whose name is got to be killer.

You can go to any dog park or dog beach and find people who match their dogs. However, have you ever considered if those people and dogs also mimic each other’s behavior? Think for a minute about your dog’s personality. Are any of her personality traits similar to your own? Maybe we are drawn to dogs that we can identify with – not only in looks – but also in personality. Dogs truly are man’s best friend and if we also look at our friends we can see they are similar to us in habits, nature and dress. So naturally our canine companions would be the same.

I think that’s what makes it so funny and also fascinating when I see owners whose dog is clearly a match. Take for example the man with a bulldog at dog beach. Both have similar body types. Both are sitting down and watching the rest of the beach go about its business. It’s like they both exude the same vibe. Like here are a couple of men who just want to sit here and enjoy the view and not be bothered. Or the woman I mentioned earlier with the visors. She seemed extremely vivacious and vibrant and her dogs looked as if they were ready for anything!

So the question is do our dogs inherently have a personality like ours which is why we are drawn to them or do our dogs pick up on our mannerisms and habits and mimic us because we are their master? I wonder if a dog could pick up on emotions such as sadness, anger or anxiety and therefore begin to act out of these emotions as well. Or could a dog with a carefree and peaceful owner also feel carefree and be less likely to exhibit anxious behaviors such as circling, chewing, or digging?

What do you think? Do you think you match your dog? Put a picture of you and your canine companion on our Facebook page and we can see!

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