Top 5 Things to Do With Your Pet in San Diego

We all know San Diego is not only a beautiful place to live, but it also offers many fun pet friendly activities. Us pet lovers often spend our free time bringing our best friend(s) along for the ride so why not plan an outing for both you and your pet?

1. Dog Beach

Something so unique and wonderful to San Diego are the gorgeous beaches. Some beaches in San Diego do not allow dogs and some are off leash dog beaches. If you frequent a certain dog beach it is always fun to go and explore one you may not have been to yet. I love watching dogs’ personalities at dog beach – from the pug unsure of the sand on his coat to the overly zealous Labrador mix fetching a ball in the waves; dog beach can be entertaining as well as stress reducing for the owner and great exercise for the dog.

Some great dog beaches to check out are:

2. Pet Festivals

There are several events weekly and monthly for pet lovers. The events range from pet adoption festivals, to rescue awareness to dog and human scavenger hunts! Go check out some events to raise awareness, find another furry family member, or just to have fun. The San Diego Pets Magazine has an excellent events calendar to reference at

3. Pet friendly restaurants and breweries

For many of my pet loving friends, a dog friendly patio at a restaurant is a prerequisite to making a decision on where to eat lunch. You will find many furry companions on coffee shop patios while their owner enjoys a beverage. Many of these businesses offer dogs water and may even have treats!

4. Dog Parks

Want to avoid the sand and sea? San Diego has many off and on leash dog parks to explore. Don’t get stuck in a rut at your neighborhood park! Go and explore one of your many options the City of San Diego has to offer at

5. Is it your pet’s birthday? Or do you love spoiling your pet?

A great way to celebrate and show your love to your pet while supporting small businesses in San Diego is to take your pet to a boutique, spa or salon. These businesses are geared toward pampering your pet. You can find a blow out for Fido or some gorgeous accessories which suit your pet’s attitude and style perfectly.

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