At VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, we offer Class IV Therapeutic Laser treatments for pet pain relief, wound healing and more. This advanced form of pet laser therapy is recommended by our San Diego veterinarians because it provides many benefits to help achieve the overall wellness that we (and you) seek for your pet companion. Veterinary laser therapy for pets is safe and effective, as well as affordable here at our local animal hospital. Pet laser treatment is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan for many health conditions and pet injury recovery.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy for Pets?

Veterinary laser therapy can be included as part of your pet’s holistic treatment protocol to improve overall health and deal with painful or quality-of-life limiting symptoms. Laser treatment from our vets in San Diego can help increase your pet’s pain-free mobility. Class IV lasers are non-invasive and not used for surgery or incisions. These “cold” lasers are specially calibrated to encourage and support the internal healing capability of your pet’s body. Class IV laser therapy uses infrared light energy (wavelengths that include red and near-infrared light), which penetrate deeply into your pet’s soft tissues to stimulate circulation and more.

Typical treatments take 10 to 30 minutes but may run longer. During laser therapy at our vet clinic, a smooth-surfaced, handheld device is run gently over your pet’s skin in the affected area. Our pet patients generally notice a slight warming sensation that relaxes them. While it is being applied, and for many hours or days later, cold laser treatment increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to help heal damaged tissues quickly and to help block pain signals. In this way, veterinary cold laser treatment can help your pet’s body heal itself through natural means, while also calming your pet and reducing pain naturally.

Conditions Treated with Pet Laser Therapy in San Diego

Our San Diego veterinarian may recommend low-level laser treatment after first examining your pet and learning about his or her symptoms and medical history. Therapeutic laser therapy may help animals suffering from the following symptoms and conditions:

  • Spinal disc disease
  • Joint disease (like arthritis) and pain
  • Nerve pain or injury
  • Gastrointestinal or digestive issues
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Neurological problems
  • Chronic illnesses
  • And more

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Pets

Specific benefits of veterinary laser treatment in San Diego include:

  • Promotes and speeds wound healing and surgical recovery, stimulating cell damage repair
  • Offers chronic pain management; soothing laser therapy may reduce the need for pain medication
  • Eases post-operative pain
  • Dissipates inflammation from skin conditions and/or internal inflammation
  • Minimizes pain and inflammation from ear infections
  • Helps to calm anxiety and stress during illness
  • And more

Get Pet Cold Laser Therapy in San Diego

Make an appointment with our caring veterinary staff at VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic and learn if laser therapy might benefit your pet. Our veterinarian can examine your pet and create a customized treatment plan to meet his or her needs. Contact us at 619-276-1616 today.