At VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, our team works closely with you to ensure your pet has access to the very best level of care possible. No pet owner wants to think about the need for pet surgery but knowing you have some of the most talented and dedicated professionals by your side can make all of the difference. We’re your trusted San Diego veterinarian’s office.

Top Care from Trusted Professionals

Our pet surgery services are performed at our location in San Diego. As a full-service clinic, we can handle many of your pet’s needs in one location. This helps to protect your pet’s health and ensures the best possible outcome. Dr. Crosby Roper and Dr. Eric Posthumus are dedicated professionals who will only recommend surgical procedures when they are the best option for your pet. Most importantly, we maintain state-of-the-art equipment and a modern facility to ensure the best level of care during any procedure.

Comprehensive Surgical Procedures for Your Pet

At VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive pet surgery. If your pet comes in with an emergency need, we’ll ensure that’s available. In addition, we schedule many pet surgeries based on the care your pet requires. Some of the procedures we offer include the following.

This is one of the best options for many patients because it is minimally invasive. This procedure allows our team to gather biopsies as well as handle many gastrointestinal needs using a scope placed done the animal’s mouth.

Orthopedic Surgeries
Many pets develop aching joints and bone-related concerns as they get older. We offer full orthopedic surgeries that can help to keep your pet pain-free and moving well.

Internal Surgeries
There are some situations in which we need to perform open surgeries for internal organ and tissue needs. Whether this is a removal of a tumor or the need to mend a lacerated organ, our team has the tools to perform these procedures as needed.

Spay and Neutering
We always recommend spaying and neutering a pet when they are younger but it can be done later in life as well. This procedure protects your pet’s health, minimizes aggressiveness, and helps to control the pet population. Ask our team about this need.

Emergency Pet Surgery

In some situations, your pet’s medical need is emergent. When this happens, we have the resources and tools available – along with the skilled team – to help your pet get the emergency surgery he or she needs right away. Contact us immediately if your pet is facing a life-threatening situation and we’ll do our best to ensure your animal gets the care needed.

Schedule an Examination for Pet Surgery at Your San Diego Veterinarian Today

The first step is to schedule an examination with your San Diego veterinarian. Call our offices today to discuss your pet’s needs with our team. Call VCA Bay Park Veterinary Clinic today for an appointment at 619-276-1616.